Safety and hygiene, hazardous materials treatment and the environment are an integral part of the work processes at Gas Technologies Ltd. Safety and environmental quality are as important as quality, productivity and efficiency. Ensuring safety and protecting the environment is a precondition for carrying out any work within the company. Each employee is responsible for working safely, while prioritizing, in any situation, safety over other factors. Preventing work accidents, protecting every employee and protecting the environment is an important component of the company's organizational culture, and the company strives to reduce the severity and frequency of safety events and environmental hazards that occur despite all efforts to prevent them. The Company's safety and environmental management is based on a comprehensive system vision to ensure more effective handling of these issues. The Company's management considers itself obligated to comply and act in accordance with the laws, regulations, orders and rules of the profession relating to safety, hygiene and the environment in order to treat and transport existing and valid hazardous materials in the country that are relevant to the Company's field of activity, as well as the requirements of international laws relating to the Company's operations Compliance with laws is enforced, but by all managers and employees of the company at all levels: management, sales, storage and transportation, in order to prevent injuries to persons, property and environmental damage, while creating a clean environment from hazards and correct handling of hazardous materials. The management will act to continuously improve safety, hygiene and environmental quality while taking into consideration employee safety and health and environmental risk factors, ensuring the existence of safe process equipment and work conditions, preventive maintenance, prevention of events with environmental implications, and continuous investigation and lessons learned from safety and environmental events. All levels of management are responsible for implementing the Company's safety, hygiene and environmental policy. Each level of management is accountable to the one below it, and must be explained to the above. Every manager in the company is responsible for managing and maintaining the safety and hygiene system, dealing with hazardous materials, fire extinguishing and first aid in his field. Each of the managers and employees is responsible for managing the safety, hygiene and environmental activities in his field, while ensuring proper equipment and materials, proper procedures and methods, a properly trained and supervised team, including a routine program and routine for emergencies. The Company's management must ensure that employees participate in the implementation of safety and environmental activities and that relevant and up-to-date information for proper safety, hygiene and environmental conditions is communicated to the employees on an ongoing basis and made available to them at all times. The Company's management will ensure that this policy is available to the public at all times. This policy is public and is distributed to all who demand it.

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We maintain an unwavering commitment to the safety of our employees and customers and protection of the environment.


Safety and health, responsible handling of hazardous materials, and protection of the environment are integral parts of Gas Technologies' work processes. The Company views safety as important as quality, productivity and efficiency.


Gas Technologies & Chemicals believes that providing high-quality products and services is the most effective way to acquire the trust and satisfaction of its customers and thereby ensure the Company's continued growth and success.

Gas Technologies is certified by three ISO standards.