srfGas Technologies markets, sells and distributes fluorochemicals provided by SRF.

SRF is a multi-national, multi-business manufacturing entity that manufactures, among many other things, refrigerants, chlorinated solvents and fluorospecialities. With a large portfolio of fluorochemicals and fluorospecialities, SRF's Chemicals Business caters to diverse applications across industries. SRF’s in-house R&D capability to develop technologies and erect complex chemical plants, coupled with its total quality management (TQM), have enabled SRF to become a preferred source in chosen product-market segments worldwide.

SRF products include:

  • Trichlorethylene
  • Perchlorethylene
  • HFC 134a
  • Methylene Chloride Trifluoroacetic Acid (TFA)
  • Ethyltrifluoro Acid (ETFA)
  • Ethyltrifluoroacetic Acid (ETFAA)
  • PentafluoroBenzoic Acid Ethyl Difluoro Acid (EDFA)

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We're proud of our professional working relationship with leading global suppliers of gases, chemicals and gas generators.


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Safety and health, responsible handling of hazardous materials, and protection of the environment are integral parts of Gas Technologies' work processes. The Company views safety as important as quality, productivity and efficiency.


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Gas Technologies is certified by three ISO standards.